Loving Others – Tell Your Dog “I Love You”

The following illustrates ‘Love’ as a verb. 
{Please feel free, if you do not have a dog, to replace ‘dog’ with cat, bird, fish, snake, gerbil, hamster, pet rock… Whichever, or whatever applies to you…}

You love your dog, right?  He’s a constant companion and the only one who gets So Freakin Excited Just To See You.  He listens to all your problems and is just…there for you.  Unconditionally.

Tell your dog, “I love you”.  (do it).
Don’t do anything else, though.  Don’t feed him or water him.  Don’t pet him on his head or rub his belly.  Don’t take him for a walk or throw the ball.  Don’t teach him to sit or stay or have any other interactions with him.
Does your dog know you love him?

I’ll illustrate further. 
Our human relationships are much more complex than those with our fur-babies.  The noun-love and the verb-love go hand in hand.  Human beings recognize the myriad of meanings behind the words, ” I love
you “.  For the people we love, they are important words. 

{Again….please use the appropriate term for your ‘loved-one’, be it husband, wife, child, parent, sister, brother, friend….whichever and whatever applies to them…}

Now, tell your loved-one, ” I love you”.  (do it). 
Don’t do anything else, though….

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Who & Why?

My name is….Inigo Montoya.  You killed my father.  Prepare to die.  Just kidding.  My name is Billie Jo.  I borrowed that bit from “the princess bride”.  I couldn’t help myself.                                                              I spent months agonizing over the name and whether or not I could actually make my little voice speak out loud.  I don’t want to change the name.     Frankly, newbie that I am….I have no clue how to, if I wanted to.  I am here to write (here=WordPress blog).  I am Here to love God & to love others (Here = Earth).    I am here to work out the practical applications of being Here.


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Loving Others~ Christmas Holiday Edition: Bell-ringers Aren’t Afraid Of Rejection

Fear… If it were a man, it would be a bad, bad man.  And UGLY.  And Hateful. Cruel.  He’d be a liar, a manipulator, and a cheat. 
He’d tell you things to keep you from acting with love toward others.  He would always give you the worst case scenario.  He would perpetuate hatred and misunderstanding instead of encouraging trust and communication.  He would tell you there could be no positive outcome.  He would instigate arguments and do anything to remove hope.  He would tell you that anytime you open yourself up and give love, of any kind, you will only be hurt as a reward.
He could never be a Bell Ringer.  He couldn’t sit and sing songs of praise and wish blessings on those who give. He could not appreciate acts of charity. He could never say “Merry Christmas” to a stranger.

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Loving yourself ~ Christmas Holiday Edition: I got my Bake on…

I bake.  It’s therapeutic.   I spent 6 1/2 hours yesterday making dozen after dozen.  Again today.  My back hurts and there is a dangerous amount of fudge in my possession.  But I love it. 


At Christmas, I have an array of traditional cookies & sweets.  The people I live with think I’m crazy… But they don’t bake….they don’t even like sweets.  Still, it’s one of my favorite ways to keep Christmas.  There are traditions I hold dear, and gifting goodies is one of them.
Over the years I’ve observed many other holiday traditions.  This year, I am in a new place….a stranger in a strange land.  I’m at a transition in my life – no kids at home and a new beginning.
Over the years, I’ve spent too much money, too much time, and too much energy.  I don’t do those any more.  I no longer have a child to read “The Night Before Christmas” to on Christmas Eve.  Santa doesn’t come. 
Over the years, I struggled , to find the elusive “true meaning of Christmas.”  My intention was to create a perfect and magical time for the ones I loved. Once I finally understood…celebrating the birth of Christ is best done with Him present…the magic started to re-emerge. 
When I bake…I bake alone.  It’s a solitary act, best performed with music.  It’s a time for reflection, contemplation, and quiet conversation with God.  (I have done baking with children.  That is a different process).  I like to imagine that if I could see Jesus, here with me, He would be enjoying Himself.
In this season of my life, it’s a tradition I insist on carrying with me.  It makes me happy.  It feeds my need to………….feed.  I made it with love.

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Loving Your self ~ Christmas Edition: self-care

If you are too tired to do everything….. Don’t.

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Loving Others ~ Christmas Holiday Edition : You don’t HAVE to be an a-hole

“There’s always room for manners.” That’s one of my rules. 

You don’t HAVE to behave like an a-hole…in any situation.  It’s a choice you make. 

Visualize with me, if you would, please….. Each human being is surrounded by a bubble.  It’s a barrier that separates each from the rest of humanity.  We can choose to let others in our bubble.  Some don’t like having anyone in their bubble-space.  Some bubbles have invisible hard shells for protection, some have invisible spikes.  Some people run around with their bubbles’ windows down, enjoying the breeze…wheeeeee!!!!  Perhaps some of those particular people are ensconced in bubble wrap for deflection.  Whatever your personal bubble is like, everyone knows that bubbles (read: people) are fragile.  They have feelings, and egos, and problems of their own.  We should try to be gentle with them.
Now, with that picture firmly planted in your minds-eye…imagine yourself going out into the community.  Wherever you go, remind yourself that the gal working customer service may have a parent with cancer, the waitress may be struggling with depression, the customer you are helping is exhausted…you never know. 
Whether we are hustling and bustling in our holiday preparations or spending time with our families, we should remember, a little tenderness goes a long way.
What’s the point, otherwise, of making such a big to-do…with all the lights and decorations and gifts and celebrating if we aren’t managing to treat the people around us with a little love? 
Why bother…without adding a little to the Peace on Earth and Goodwill to man?

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loving others – Christmas Holiday Edition: Reaching out

How?  What’s the “right” way?  I’ve got the will to help others…to reach out to someone in need.  I’ve often been stymied about  the practicality. I’ve looked at the faces of those around me and realized….I am not privy to all of their needs.  They sometimes keep them hidden, like a dirty secret. 
It’s that time of year…Salvation Army bell ringers and trees with tags listing gender and size, to remind us that there are those that are less fortunate than we are.  There are numerous ways to give money, time, or food. 
There are misfortunes other than financial.  People have sadness, loneliness, brokenness, sickness….these are harder to gift. 
They are often hidden. 
Once in awhile, someone clearly states that they are having a hard time.  To them, I would gladly lend an ear, give a hug, try to comfort, share my Faith. 
I am thankful to have some free time during this Christmas Holiday.  I’m looking forward to time to write, to read, to reflect… And I will do those things.  I was wondering to myself today, though, will I be able to connect?
How do you reach out to people in need?

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